So today we spent god knows how many hours perfecting our setlist for the 23rd in the Demo Theatre in Guildford. It’s gonna be an all standing rock-infused gig, and I’m excited! :D


Hey guys, so I decided the best way to fully explain what is happening would be to do it through a Tumblr post :P
A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the International Independent Charts. They explained how they had come across my demos and covers on ReverbNation and were very impressed and instantly offered me the opportunity to release through them.
The initial intention was for me to release an EP through their in-house record label IIC. However I decided against this as I am currently working on my debut EP with London based Record Label/Artist Academy BGM Ltd.
Their next intention was for me to release ‘Everyday’ as a single, once again through their in-house record label IIC as this is the song that they were most impressed with. As much as I love Everyday, I didn’t want to release it as a single at this stage, because I’m not sure what’s happening in terms of developing the song, and if it does end up being a track on the EP I’m currently working on there is a high chance that the version on the EP will be quite different to the original online at the moment. So instead I decided to make this available for free download through my Facebook page.
I wanted to release ‘Maybe You Were Right’ as my first single because it is a song that really means a lot to me, and I feel it needs some recognition. I started writing it in July, got a rough version finished very quickly and played that version for a long time afterwards. It took me a long time to actually complete and be happy with the song. There are about 5 different versions of this song that I’ve played at different events in the past and I have finally settled on the final lyrics, pitch, and melodies, and I’m proud of myself for that :P
The IIC and I have been in contact non-stop for the past 2 weeks discussing plans for the single and I am so happy that Maybe You Were Right is the song that is going to be released. I’ve recorded a brand new, fresher sounding version of the song, ready for release and purchase through the IIC. It will be available for download through The International Independent Charts within the next week.

If you did read all of that, then wow you’re a trooper. I do go on a bit…
This whole thing is so surreal. I really can’t get my head around it..
Thanks a bunch for all your support :)
- Georgia x